When The Police Are Murdered #PayAttention

by NÜK

***Disclaimer: I do NOT condone Murder of any kind***

I wanted to speak on this as soon as I heard about it, but doing my laundry was more important at the moment. So just incase Ü have not heard about it, here is the story in six words: Guy From Baltimore, Kills Two Cops. This story is intriguing to me for a few different reasons. Ill breakdown my personal thought first, then I post a few things others have pointed out that I could give less than an ant stamp about.

First, it was bound to happen eventually. Once ANYBODY gets fed up enough, they will either strike back or die. This guy did both. He felt it was HIS DUTY to kill a few cops. He also felt that killing two cops and then killing himself would be the best solution to Police killing Black People. I do not feel JUSTICE can be served by becoming bloodlustful (I made that word up). I truly do not believe that KILLING PEOPLE is the correct action to people being killed. That doesn’t make sense to me…

Eric Garner and Mike Brown were MURDERED. There is NO way to justify or get around that fact. Its like those eye illusions, after a while of looking at some lines and random colors, the picture becomes clear. What gets me is how many people will gather to the white person and throw rocks at the black person. They even said that Eric deserved to be choked to death. Then people have pooled monies together in order to help raise funds for the defense and “hardships”. Meanwhile, black people are labeled savages, thugs, animals & demons.

The thing that I have been hearing lately, is that this “killing” was a “set up” that was used as a catalyst for a Race War. That is something that I can see! But the FACTS are what I need. So here is what I have come to know about this case:

1.) Why is dude missing a shoe string?
2.) Why did he drive to NYC from B-More and only kill TWO cops??? That’s a hell of a long way for 2 bodies… #Fail
3.) The timeline of the situation is kinda…different…

The “story” of the timeline was brought to my attention twice. Both people (who have no ideal of the other) spoke about how a person buys a ticket, boards “a bus” after shooting someone, rides for about 3 hours in one direction without the police doing routine checks for criminals that might be fleeing the area, gets off the bus & discards HIS GIRLFRIENDS PHONE (the one they were using to track that ass), and then makes a Instagram post.

Ü can read the rest of the Timeline in the link, but I will stop with the Instagram post. Now, since he no longer has a phone, how did he post that picture??? And even with that small bit of info I can’t really comprehend, why did it take so long for Baltimore PD to call New York PD???

Im not saying anything more that what Ü are reading. Im not tryna insinuate “conspiracy” or whatever the fuck. Im just relaying the story as I see it. And if anyone can see it differently, let ME know. Because shyt like THIS is real to me!!!