Reinventagous #New

by NÜK

Reinvent + Advantage + Outrageous = Reinventagous

It’s a compounded word…

I have been going through some things in my Life lately. I am not one to seek pity or sympathy for my situations though. That could either be a grand thing or the opposite of that. I usually look at it as being to my advantage….usually it’s not. But currently, I am forced into a honest humbleness.

Looking back on these past 11 month, I can say that my personal Life has made a shift into a much more blissful state! I have went from doing what I THOUGHT was the right things, to actually doing the things that are correct. I have became a Father (Im proud of that!), I have become more spiritually inclined and Divine in Mind, and I have also finished editing my long awaited poetry book!

F.R.E.S.H. Radio has been an outlet for me to express myself in a different medium other than music. I feel it is needed for me to take a break and regroup each season. When the next season start back in January, I will be taking it in a direction I feel will broaden the scope of what I originally planned! If Ü would like to stay posted on the Freshness, sign up for the “NÜKsletter” and get notified a few hours before the show.

I have heard the phrase “it all works out in the end” so many times that it got me to wondering, why do I have to wait till the END for things to work out? It is best to take advantage of ALL resources available to me to make my vision of reality happen!