The Business of Building a Business #CreatingJobs

by NÜK

I created my first business when I was 20 years old. I had ZERO concept of what I was doing it for! I only knew that I wanted a certain outcome to occur. I jumped into a rocket ship and said fuck a seatbelt!!! I still own and operate that business. And now, I must do something different for a minute…

If Ü do not know, I have been a recording artist, professionally, for the last 11 or 12 years solid. I have been writing about my thoughts, feelings and random stories since I was like 6 or 7 years old. Out of ALL that time, I never thought that writing could be a profession! I had no ideal when I was 20 that I could write a CHILDREN’S BOOK and be closer to my family, while making enough to pay rent, utilities, phones, and what ever else pops up to keep me keeping my head above water!

The honest truth about my first business?

It truly never payed for ANY of my “Personal Bills” on a regular. And seeing that I had to constantly work for someone else in order to FUND my “Side Hustle”, I was constantly paying for EVERYTHING that I NEEDED in order to “Do what I love”!!! Even though I LOVE doing what I do, this business is NOT what makes me happiest. So I created a few new outlets…

One of the most important “tactics” I have learned in the decade since my first business made a dollar?

Some advice I would like to give myself, and whoever will read this, is to include other people in your new endeavors. Do NOT for one minute think that YOUR project can be accomplished by just YOU alone. I feel that was biggest downfall with my first business. I tried to include individuals and not put them on a “Payroll”. In my defense, they didn’t want to WORK for MY GOALS the way EYE would WORK for them, so we never could see eye to eye towards a direction. I also was not one to compromise MY BRAND for someone else personal goals. THAT is where I fucked up…

My next business???

I have been working on a few different projects that have other to do with my original business. This is leading me to create a new platform for these new endeavors to sit on. I having been cleaning out my mental lately in an effort to make my next move as clear as possible! To those that have been reaching out and extending their support, I greatly appreciate Ü!!! I will be on a quest to bring better content and products to those that show the interest! Im currently just enjoying this little “time off” before 2015.


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