Churched Out!!! #SpirituallyInclined

by NÜK

I don’t have a good history with “Churches”.

I remember being at a Catholic Church for a Funeral. Everything from the architecture to the singing (?) reminded me of a final level boss battle from a videogame. It was my dads boss’ mother who had passed. I was SUPER young! The burning incense and chanting will remain in my mind forever.

I went to a few “black churches” in my time…they are NOT all the same! I saw an old lady Harlem Shake a few times and then pass out on the ground. These dude in white silky suits covered her with a white sheet, and I had to leave the building…I couldn’t take it!!! People were “Shabalaba’n” all around me n shyt! It was a POWERFUL atmosphere!!! I don’t care how young or high I was, THAT is NOT what I pictured “Church” being like!!!

I went to another church in Michigan when I was a little more older, a little more wiser…Ill just say its not for me. I can tell when Im being hustled (most of the time). Those collection plates are a SCAM!!! I promise they come around 4-8 times in a two hour period. It happens EVERY Sunday somewhere in this country. MILLIONS or maybe BILLIONS per month of Sundays!!!

Jesus ain’t have no house

I was raised “In The Truth”!!! Anybody who was raised as such will know what I means. But for those that do not, Jehovah Witnesses are not bad people…they ARE hardcore about that life though! Going to a “Kingdom Hall” and a “Church” are a day and night comparison. But at the end of the day, all the information is coming from that black or brown compilation of 66 “books”. So I eventurally found that God was OUTSIDE of those buildings…

My life, after kicking it with a Hindu Priest, has been nothing but grand experiences! I attribute that to my passion for knowledge and a quest to demolishing “The Box” people are in. Instead of being a “Follower”, be more of a “Leader of Self”! Teaching by example and asking the DEEP questions!!!

What WOULDJesus Do?