Non Nubian Nepotists!!! #FickleFavoritism

by NÜK

I just had a conversation with an older black man from D.C. who has lived in Pittsburgh, PA for the better part of 20 years. As this man was giving me a verbatim spill about his organization helping me find better employment, I lightweight snapped and told him: Fuck The System!!!! He laughed and broke his corporate continence when he said “The nepotism is a trip in Pittsburgh!”.

I had to reflect for a hot second…

While thinking about the times I have been fucked over for a promotion or a pay raise due to someone being “ahead” of me in some way, I got a little mad. And then I went upstairs and I gave this man a sample size portion of the soap that I create. I spoke to him about WHY I started making it. Before I could speak about it in-depth, my Queen told him about the lip balm I make. And then, like in a commercial n shyt, the lotion I make popped up & I told him to try some of it on.

As he put it on, he told me about how much his daughter and wife LOVES all natural products. He started to talk more about my product than the reason he was in my house! It made me think of when we went to the doctor and the children were telling the doctor about me making these things. The doctor said that they were like little Public Relations Experts on my products! That got me to thinking about this family enterprise a little harder.

The products are truly NOT on the market for sale yet, I have been sending out samples and getting a market feel for only two months. But within those two months, I have made SOME money! Which brings me back to the old feller in this post. Before he leaves my house, he told me that I have an entrepreneur sprit! He left my house in a confused state…happy…yet confused.

I do believe I am on to something with this soap thing!!!