Same Day; Different Shit. #SDDS

by NÜK

I remember waking up and write a new poem everyday for a month straight! I might take a break for a week or so, but then I would write about 7 – 30 more poems. I had a nice momentum for a minute! And then it all kinda stopped

Flash forward about 7 or 8 years and I am almost where I once was…
Those days of the past will NEVER be what they were.
Im cool with that though!

The last 7 years in Pittsburgh, PA  have molded me into The Young Man that stands before Ü today. I am still not a fan of the Steelers, but i respect the way the city unifies behind their squads. That type of unity is NOT seen often. In a way, it is inspiring…kinda…

But it is getting repetitive!

Beginning the day exactly the way it was the day before is what has been happening lately for me…
I have taken heed of this and will be making the adjustments needed.
Trying to do something a lil different!