The Cleared Space #FreeTime

by NÜK

In so many words: I now have an open schedule from now until January.

The year 2014 has been an adventure since I knew about it LAST December! I truly had ZERO #iClue as to where I would be in it right now!! But I did have a direction that I was chasing…

As I type these words, my main focus is to give those who have been waiting the longest what they want. I have made a LOT of Promises over the years that I intend on fulfilling within the next full circle. This time around I have a plan AND direction!!! I also have a Co-pilot & three attendants that are helping to navigate the Time & Space before us.

I feel like Silver Surfer AND Black Panther combined!!!

So, “Whats next for The Young Man”???

More of this & less of that


Fuck WOrk