Fuck Ü!!! Pay Me!!! #ChildSupport

A week later…

I have contemplated a LOT of areas in my life over the past 3 months. One thing that I want to do is narrow my personal focus on what I feel is the MOST important goal at that current time. MY goals are what are the MOST important TO ME at that time!!! And I have involved a LOT of people into what I do. And there are people who TRULY want to see me where EYE want to be!!!

The issue I have ran into?

I have allowed waaaaaayyyy too many to be onlookers, who either:

1) Don’t know ME & need to grab a seat over there…

2) Don’t know me & want me to take a seat over there.

3) Don’t even know how /or do not like to read, so they didn’t even make it THIS far to know that #3 is just a page filler!

So I must cut my losses & focus on the people AND businesses that EYE personally support. In the end, it works out for everybody that is INVOLVED in the bigger picture!!! It is not like I am “unreachable”…especially if Ü pay attention! And that is what my problem is…I pay attention…to EVERYTHING…waaaayyyy too much!!!

And now I must go back to the basics & build from the basement up!!! This might be the grandest gift I have given myself in years!!!