The Mighty Will Crumble

At the time of my writing this, my daughter is 30 days old. And as much as I hate to admit it, I use my daughter as a gauge for my current standings in life. Since she has came into our world, me and my Queen have been on a certified mission that’s POSSIBLE!!!

No more than a week after our child came into this world, I felt an urgency that I have been wasting my energies on frivolous matters…especially OTHER peoples “matters”. I immediately began to remove EVERYTHING possible with a negative effect from my MINDSIGHT. That took a physical toll on my body. It forced me to break out the Total Gym XLS that I bought and don’t use!

The moment that was done, I created a newsletter to keep people “posted” on the things occurring in my professional life. The ideal is grand!!! I am involved in a LOT of different areas of interest, I figured a newsletter would be a grand way to incorporate my business life with my social life. I don’t just make music & ask people to listen to it on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram, Trumblr or Google+. I actually have things I LOVE to do! I have things I would LOVE to express!! I have things I LOVE to talk about!!! So the newsletter is a way for me to bring everybody under one roof give them the “Big Picture” of who they are captivated by.

Once I had that platform in motion, I immediately began to set in motion a Blog Talk Radio show. I had came up with a concept, a loose theme, a direction, a general ideal of what I wanted to do, what I wanted it  to be called and even a few ideas of different show programing…all in like 2 days!!! I had a few practice runs in secret so I could figure out how things worked. My siblings helped me out GREATLY promoting on their ends. When I launched my first official show, I had a decent turnout!!! I currently have an interview booked with a chief from New Orleans for my season finale in November!!!


This was all within the last 30 days…

Six days prior to the birth of my child I was in Cleveland Ohio. I had to cancel a trip to Michigan for next weekend because I have to prepare to open up for The Ying Yang Twins on the last saturday of this month. Im planning a trip to New Orleans in October for 3 birthdays on the 19th, 21st & 23rd. And to top it all off…I have a oil gasket seal leak in my hootpy and my daughter doesn’t have a clue about what 4:30am does to a person who has to wake up at 6:30am

I only wrote this for those who are expecting a few things from me & very rarely hear from me as it is.

I promise I am still listening & active!
Currently, I have taken on a bit more than I can handle…
Nothing I can’t get a grip on though!!!

But still…

It sucks feeling like Ü haven’t done enough…