The Price We Pay

by NÜK

I had an epiphany the other day!
And then it continued to happen everyday after that…

A while ago I wrote about Time. I didn’t truly comprehend what I was writing at that moment, but since that day, I started to learn and educate myself on things that EYE find interesting. Along the way, I discovered how precious each thought I think truly is! Which brings me to the predicament at hand.

Each day, as soon as I get out of bed, NOTHING that I do is what I WANT to do.

The exchange of my time is something I part with constantly. Even as I write these words, Ill never get to repeat those moments I had my back to my child. Im cool with that though…she might be as well ( I spent WAY too much time in her face! ). But when I have to go “provide” for her and the rest of the unit, I have to risk SO much for SO little!!! It is NOT a fair exchange!!!

I hear people justify their exchanges unconfidently to others. And they believe I am crazy for being as outspoken as I am. I believe they are crazy because they are, by definition, insane. So I end up questioning my sanity. Which sends me searching for more answers…

Gotta pay the bills” though…

But at what cost??