“Back On My Business!!!” – @NUKnoE.com

by NÜK

Almost 7 years ago, I almost died

My life since then has been a CONSTANT battle with rebuilding, reorganizing, reevaluating and above all – SURVIVING! In a strange way, the year after I started my record company, I fell ill to HELLA dis-eases! I even was close to suicide…

The rebuilding process has been a slow and methodical adventure!!! I have been everything that I wanted to be ( and even things that I have not even imagined ). But during that process, I lost a LOT of what I was building towards. They call it “Momentum”. I was traveling up hill carrying 100 tons & SPRINTING!!!

What happens when Ü lose that pace???

Which brings me to the point I am currently! I have taken the next step ( I feel ) needed to better reach those who want to be reached by me!! I started a Newsletter!!! This is a MAJOR step for me!!! I am able to better organize MY social & personal life through the “NÜKsletter” and give it to Ü as RAW as I get it. 

On top of the “NÜKsletter“, I have been creating a program chart for a Blog Talk Radio show I have recently started! I’m calling it “F.R.E.S.H.H. Radio“! I intend on making it a well rounded forum for the topics that I hold close & that those on my “NÜKsletter List” will eventually recommend me to cover for them on future shows. Currently, I am working with Times & Days the show will air. Every other Monday & Friday I want to socialize with Ü, and every other Wednesday I want to bring Ü an interview.

I will be using the “NÜKsletter” to get advice, information & topics of interest in order to give to the “F.R.E.S.H.H. Radio” listeners!!! On top of the poetry book that I have been working towards, these are exciting times for ME personally!!! 

If Ü have not signed up for the “NÜKsletter“, do so now and receive a FREE Download of “Sketches vol.1“. Go to my website (NUKnoE.com) or click HERE & Ü will be taken to the sign up page. 

Thank Ü In Advance!!!