Living The Dream

by NÜK

One day I realized something was VERY wrong

I looked around me to see that “Scripts” were becoming a part of peoples daily dialog. Even myself, I could quote a few words or sentences that I have heard 5,000 times each on a minimum. When I came to THAT realization…I watched for a while…

…and then I watched some more

I watched SO much that I became a ninja figure that could pop up on a person with out them seeing ME whenever I felt like it. Thats one of my gifts!!! I would like to think of it as Awareness.

That was years ago, currently, Im at a point in my life where I can no longer watch people in an outside environment. I am trapped in a building…maybe like Ü might be. I see the same people 5 days in a row (maybe!), on the same schedule, same time, doing the same thing, all day, everyday…

Every once in a while I will spark a conversation with a handful of the people. I always get feedback, which is awesüm!!! But sometimes I get off the wall answers, looks, and even faces of confusion. My topics will go against the grain of the brain they have trained into thinking the thoughts they hold dearly. I can’t help but pick a persons brain whenever I’m allowed!!! 

But at times, Ill inquire towards a certain line of thinking. No matter who replies, I usually get a similar answer. That answer eludes into an uncertainty. And then the topic changes to Television, Music, Sports or Obamacare. So with nothing better to do, out of boredom, I drift into a corner somewhere with something that interest ME

Ü will see the world a bit differently when Ü are awake with it.