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Month: April, 2014

7 Perks of Black Privilege

Due to my current schedule, I will try to make this as detailed as possible with the allotted time. I would like to think I am writing a piece that would cause way more critical thinking than anything else that may result of these words. If there are any feelings brought about by this writing, Ü have brought that upon yourself.

Lately, I have been seeing a writing from 1988 circling my online surroundings. People have been explaining, in their own words, the current validity of the thoughts of that time. My thoughts???


The writer made some valid points…history has made better points…but MY LIFE??? I can honestly say without a doubt that I have never experienced “White Privilege” in my life. But I know about Black Privilege!!! And Ü know what??? I’ll tell Ü about it!!!

This is not, by any means, a definitive list. This is more a reaffirmation to self than anything. With that said:

1). The Universe & EVERYTHING in it has given me Life in order to discover The Universe & the Life that it contains!!! For that, I am and will be eternally grateful…Thank Ü…

2).  Due to the creative & alchemic nature within self, I was able to seed a rock in the soil. It eventually grew a tree, that produced the lemons, that have been & will be thrown at me…because I’m Awesüm!!!

3). Hindsight is my chosen guide in this Life!!! Being able to understand past events clear and precisely is a gift that animals do not have.

4). Melanin is a dark pigment within the skin. Melanin is also proven to be a powerful Superconductor of energy. Naturally, darker skin provides protection from the Sun. So in a sense, the darker Ü are, the more energy Ü may contain!!!

5). Yes…its true

6).  Foresight allows me to see into the future. I have trained & focused my mind to be sharp for upcoming mental trials that may come my way. Seeing what lies ahead becomes a natural product of keen awareness.

7). Having been through some of the most horrible of things in life, there can be nothing but a GRAND and BEAUTIFUL outcome!!! And in order to make sure those things happen, I have been blessed with the privilege to Love Unconditionally. That alone trumps anything I could expect in this Life.

8).    .   .   .

And now I must be going…the birds are telling me to sleep…



Satan Is Real!!!

***Disclaimer: I am not religious but I do believe in a Creator. #Spiritual***

My love for Video-Games (or is it Videogames?) has a long seeded & well watered history in my life. Even into adulthood, I am still a child when it comes to those things. But the reality is…

Who has time to play a video-game????

So Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 came out & I bought it…I didn’t have the money to do so & was pissed that I did. So I will be giving “Spoilers” in this blog, but it really doesn’t matter to me. In the end…I defeated Satan…again!!! It took me less than 10 hours to do this task. The ending was SO hard to beat AND the dialog was HYPER repetitive! So much so that I put my television on mute while destroying the Fallen Angel.

And then it TRULY dawned on me after I stabbed the vile being in the chest…this was no ordinary video-game. Due to suffering from a lack of sleep by working a forced 3rd shift, and forced sleep deprivation based on trying to “beat this game in as few hours as I can, so I can get back my life”…

I started thinking…

“And these hoes love me like Satan” – Lil Wayne

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist” – Usual Suspects

“But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you!” – Revelation 12:12

I thought about it all at the same time…for a LONG time!!! The thought still doesn’t sit well with me. I start to think about all this talk & speak of “Illuminati” & “The 1%” and everything that goes along with that. And then I think about how heavy BOTH of my grandmothers are in the bible. We are alive in strange times indeed…

I don’t even know why I started to write this piece. It is NOT to “Prove” something to someone or “Disprove” something. I would like to call it an observation of my surroundings. A focusing of my awareness. Self re-evaluation of THEE current situation at hand. Day to day life is a huge distraction from the life that has been lead on this planet in the past. People tend to not learn from prior mistakes…myself included…

Ill leave Ü with a blessing from a past blog: