Social Media SUCKS!!!

by NÜK

Last year I took a break from Facebook for a week. It was the best choice I made at that time! I felt liberated to a point that I could think about & do OTHER things…anything…other than Facebook.

The crack brought me back…

And honestly, I’m tired of it! “Social Sites” are not what they COULD be. I don’t even know what they have become lately, not like I knew what they were before. But I do know what it was like before Social Media!!! I actually CALLED people on the phone instead of texting entire conversations. Twitter used to lightweight cure my ADHD. As a “working musician”, I have no iClue what the fuck Reverbnation is used for. Is it MySpace’s step brother??? I don’t know if I should get a Tumblr because “everybody has one” and I should “expand my reach” to touch more people. But then I would have to take pictures on Instagram EVERYDAY just to stay relevant in peoples News Feed (which reminds me to post that picture of oatmeal I ate yesterday).

I don’t even like taking pictures!
If I did, I’d be a photographer!!!

But I take pictures…with a filter sometimes…it brings dramatic effect to my stale ass life. Hashtag a few of these things right like #This. Once I get the hang of that, someone updates their pocket device & can now make little 15 second videos of bullshyt? So when I try to do that, my phone doesn’t support that function, so now I feel left out…or should I?? Maybe I should start making these Youtube videos to showcase me as an individual, in a world of individuals, who are living different lives than displayed in the visual.???

I need views n shit…

For why???

I guess to be super social in a world full of people who no longer communicate in person. I feel as if I have to keep up with the advances in technology in order to stay relevant in the “popular conversation”. I remember the first time someone asked me for my email and I didn’t have one. That kinda sucked! Now I have 4 accounts and that sucks even more!!!

Looking at these screens is sucking the soul straight from my body through my eyes.

But if it was not for this “Social Media Shyt”, I would not be able to express myself to people who don’t even know me. People who can’t even say my name correctly come up to me and say: I like what you are doing. I appreciate that! People that read EVERYTHING I post, but won’t acknowledge they fact the did in ANY WAY are like that people who just stares at Ü from across the way.


Maybe Ill never understand it…

But one day I will!
And that will be the beginning of taking my life back and sharing the process with Ü!
I gotta bring as many people out of “The Void” as possible.