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Month: November, 2013

Domestic Violence

I live a constantly complex life!!! 

Not saying that your personal life is not complex, but I am quite sure I process my information waaaayyyyy differently than Ü. Certain things take a while for me to respond to. A delay in reaction. 

Almost like a…short circuit…I won’t feel a thing!!!

 I’ll call it “Emotional Disconnect”.

Over Hyper Analyzing situations.

In the blink of an Angels’ eye a already terrible situation can change dramatic & terrifying. I STILL don’t know how to respond or react. It not like a “passing away” of a loved one…Ü already knew the ending would come…one day. But to have a life TAKENREMOVEDSTOLEN

NOTHING can compare to the shock murder does to ones train of thought…

Yet, things of that nature seems to be in the nature of a crazed people these days. 

I can only begin to feel the anguish that this has brought to my family. I will never truly know the full extent of the impact. But even in the absence of a physical presence, I can say I am there in spirt. I want to continue to be positive when things of a negative nature enter our reality. Being a pillar of support in in climate weather is always needed to matter the reason.

Im not sure how to word this next portion other than being direct:

Domestic Violence is SERIOUS!!! 
I can NOT begin to stress that enough!!!
If Ü or someone Ü know is a abusive relationship…


Inform the proper authorities and prevent something far worse than hurt pride.


*In memory of Shandar Marie Turner


Don’t Mind Me

Since the last time I wrote a blog I have been through…


The vastness of that which we call “Reality” is TOO familiar to be ANYTHING other than “Actual”… 


As I have been going through MY personal reality, others have been going through theirs as well. I don’t fault ANYONE who has a focus on “Self”. Sometimes…that is the best focus to have! But I do feel to we ALL should have a firm grip on the “Big Picture” of the “WHY” we go through the things we do on a DAILY basis. 

With that being said…

I will attempt to clear the space as much as possible…I need to make more room…