The Crown

I have approached this Summer a bit differently than the last…as it should always be! This year had me watching the sun rise on the beach of Lake Tahoe, almost rear ending a car under a bridge in San Francisco, drinking a 5th of Hennessy  in the middle of Lake Folsom in Sacramento, playing ON a set of Dominoes while in a park, watching weed grow (its an exciting process!!! I Fux Wit The Shytz!!!), watching a episode of COPS get filmed in front of my face, getting cussed out by the non Anglish speaking person sitting in the middle of the road at 4am & sooooo many other things…

I could make a list that would compromise this entire blog!!!
Saying “I had fun” would be like slapping me in the face…

And even then…it is not even all about ME.

During my escapades of interstate traveling, I had conversations with like minded people. Even people who were NOT like minded…but more so , convinced with conviction of their positions of entitlement. People with a purpose. People with goals AND plans to achieve them. People who (like me) are willing to carve their names on the face of Mother Earth…tribal style of course.

I said that to say this:

I am NOT the only one who has a mission to achieve on this planet.
I AM one of the FEW who knows the value of strength in numbers.
I will be a teacher & a leader before I become a conformist & follow.

I do not wear my proverbial crown year round…so when the Summer ends…I usually take it off…and let the rest of The Royal Family run about & enjoy the throne.

My reasoning…???


Being a King is easy when Ü know there is a WAR going on that Ü do not have to participate in.
I am a hands on type of individual. I also believe that I connect with people better when I am with them under the same circumstances. One can’t ALWAYS give orders and not be willing to takes orders as well. There should be a balance…being a Libra, its only right I take of my crown at the end of the Summer.

And even without the weight of the crown…I still hold my position…