HIStory #NeverForget

by NÜK

I honestly have been wanting to write in my blog for THEE longest…I just haven’t had the energy to speak the thoughts on my mind. And even when I did have the energy, would Ü really want to read my TRUEST thoughts at that time??? I usually have DEEP thoughts about things of ZERO importance to a LOT of people…

A female told me there are not enough hours in the day over the weekend. I asked her about her view on time and then her religious background…she flipped out & told me to leave her alone….

I didn’t know time was such a sensitive subject to some people…

Now imagine if I spent my time writing about my thoughts on Animals, Bitches, White People, Black People, Gay People, Bisexuality, “Mexicans”, Governments, Aliens, Demons, Heaven, “Hell” and people with fucked up teeth (I have a theory).

I am kinda like a philosopher. A grand mind that seeks to broaden upon what I currently understand with what I had no existence of before. I question EVERYTHING!!! Not out of disrespect…more so out of curiosity…

Some people don’t even know WHY they know the things they know or were taught.


Maybe I should write in this thing more often??? Even if only a few lines???

Who knows…