When Being Real Was Real

by NÜK

Looking around at the people in & around my life I can see how some people don’t even know how to be themselves. Its a sad thing really. I can notice when I walk into a room how a persons whole entire expression can & will change. I have noticed that some people even switch their vocal tone, pattern & infliction when they come around certain types of people. I might even do thi….well…I KNOW I do this! But I don’t do it to deceive a person…its just that white people think I be yelling at them when its just my natural speaking voice….


I’ve been studied!!! I have a stride that must be unlike no other!!! People have imitated it while mocking my stroll…its funny to me!!! But that is my naturalness. I didn’t watch myself on tape practicing the PERFECT swag. But there are people who do that….

My fam bam in Cali said “Real is the new Fake! I’m Authentic!!!” Im have to start saying that shyt because Im Original to the fullest!!! But I also ca not deny my influences that have shaded who I have become. But even if that is the case…there will NEVER be another quite like me….