The Divided States of America

by NÜK

Without going into TOO many details…

I was having a conversation with a pissed of man from Africa. In so many words, the conversation was all about “fairness”. He didn’t quite comprehend how come this country is not “fair”. I had to ask:

What is fair???

It is OBVIOUS to see that THIS country has been divided. Whites vs Blacks vs Mexicans vs Homosexuals vs PETA vs Ruth’s Steakhouse….everybody is in on this separation thing. I have been noticing that we focus more on our differences than what makes us TRULY unique.

I don’t have a problem with gay people wanting to get married and being given credits like a hetro couple. I have ZERO issue with that!!! Let them do that shyt!!! I DO have a problem with it ending up as me being intolerant for not giving a fuck….

No matter how fucked up I think it is or how fucked up of a person I feel Ü are mentally, but if a female want to transform into a “male” but still keep all of it’s female parts so it can become pregnant….


SURE!!!! Go Ahead!!!! Do That Shyt Son!!!! I gives NO fuck playa!!!! Do Ü….
But if people start giving Ü confused looks…don’t ask why…Ü should know that!!!

Me & the African started speaking so much about the “fairness” and all of its ways that he suggested the country’s land be divided and the people of the soils move to where they are most comfortable. Together with their own kinds. Each with their own military & Government…everybody having their own way of doing things & just living by that.

I honestly loved the ideal!!!

The only problem is…I believe that the people of this country LOVE to be in the middle of drama. This type of shyt is what makes the country continue to go around!!! This country has a “News” channel that makes shyt up for ratings. This country has had presidents that didn’t give a fuck about what is going on with the people inside its own walls. I mean, how do Ü start a war, bomb civilians & them send them supplies when multiple cities in your own country need supplies???

Shyt just doesnt make any sense…it used to…but it just started to slowly fade into the darkness of the light.

As I left the conversation, I could help but think about all that I currently know & all that I have no idea about. I made me mad…then I got excited…then I got angry…then I realized that I am not the issue. I did NOT make this country the way it currently is…and I REFUSE to take part in what this place is becoming…this is a hard & dangerous road ahead…

United WE Stand
Divided THEY Fall