Death To Science!!!!!

by NÜK

I have been through a LOT in life that has tested my faith. I can say without a doubt that my faith has brought me to the current point I am in life. Honestly, while the last 5 months have been interesting in SO many ways, I have not wrote about some MAJOR events that have shaped the world around me. I mean….

I have told y’all about the Africans, the Nepalis, the “White & Black” people, Time and the crackhead who locked a broken fence….

But I truly didn’t think ya’ll wanted to read about the stripper, the bloody tampon, the fights, lies & even a dayum dog whose existence I have to be aware of now…

So early this week, my head nearly exploded in the most pointless & idiotic of debates I have ever had in my LIFE!!! For two point five days…I  argued a person who “Doesn’t believe in Science”…


And Ü know what???

Because of the memories its bring back to me….I can’t continue writing this shyt….