by NÜK

I know a LOT of people!

I have about 15 different area codes worth of people I have personally met in my phone. I myself have 2 different area codes. But nothing compares to my actual social circle. And  Im not talking about this internet connection we have acquired as of late either….

Yesterday I held a conversation with this cat from Kenya. My dude is a refugee!!! He told me about how Kenyans don’t like Americans & the murder rate is SERIOUS! He said that If I were to go there (which seemed like a challenge!) I would have to stay in a compound for a while to get adjusted to my surroundings. He intends on going back in a few years & hiring bodyguards for personal protection.

I then spoke to man from Sudan……then he laughed and said, “Well, its South Sudan now! But is where I am from”! So I inquire about the separation of Sudan. He told me it was over religious beliefs and people were killing each other over such things. North Sudan is  now of Muslim belief & South Sudan is Christian. He left because he did not want to deal with the war. But after being here 9 years, he intends on returning….


So, back here in a America, why do I have a problem with a person who KNOWS what to address me as, yet, refuses to do so in favor of something else of his choosing???

Its cool…
               …I guess….


From the outside looking in….

But once a person steps foot inside the house and becomes AWARE of the situation??? Going back home in a time of war isn’t a big deal to some people….