Make It Happen #Lyrics

by NÜK


You might recognize my face when I walk these streets, Im a local celebrity
I know so many people when I go any place, my reality’s like TV
So fresh so clean, when I step on the scene my reflections tryna get like me
Bet you I make money, a couple moves, I aint trappin’, I make it happen


The Young Man might put you on stand by –
Cause every move that I make in this game’s like chess
You might as well say good bye to the bad guy
And if he think he Superman Ima take that S from his chest
Independent but liven’ the life major
My word good, the lyrics keeping me paid
Since I dropped a mixtape, called it Interstate
Its heavy on the concept, but what Im tryna say
I push rhymes like weight ( like weight?) across the country
Check the pay Pal to see if ya sent the money
Then Im on my way ( on my way! ) I don’t think you understand it
The crew ain’t starved, my fam famished
A good investment gives you more than what you paid for
I grip the mic and then I show you what its made for
Bought some acres, definition of a landlord
Shaking hands when I put stamps on the passport


Bet there’ll never ever be another like me, thats why you like me
I go hyphy ( Yup!) in a white T
A cyborg in the mind I don’t sleep
In the same Girbauds I had on for bout a week
Hustle and flipping’ been given em what they want
Put D Frank down in Atlanta he got crunk
The West Coast want that dope from my throat
And the Midwest bang that funk from they trunk
Finna take it worldwide, I don’t think you over-stand it
Put it on the internet and took it across the planet
I make money and moves, thats hereditary
The hustle different cause the skill set legendary
My arts deep, Im spittn unwritten gospel
Paitin’ vivid pictures lyrical Pablo Picasso
I wrote the code of DiVinci not Leonardo
Shocked the world tryna blow up like the Apollo