War With Words

by NÜK

There are MANY people who are reading my words and have no iCLUE who I am or even how to say my name correctly. I have taken in account majority of those people when I write down the thoughts from my head to your eyes. I try to make the complexities that I come across simple…or at least seem that way.

I have to admit, there are times that I do not share some of my “Daily War Stories” out of a slight fear of defending my viewpoint. If I said that Obama is NOT the 1st black president, people would literally become ready to spar with me in Mortal Kombat. That question is EASILY defended…but if I stated that a female cannot be a lesbian if she already has a child…SOMEONE would take a stance somewhere in the afterlife & defend it like Goku!

Am I wrong for not sharing these thoughts that I have???

Should I sensor myself for those who will NEVER understand???


I honestly don’t know!!!

I would say that I will “test the waters” but I feel I have already been doing that.One of the only things I could actually start speaking on that are MY OWN thoughts would be “Race Relations”…but Im not tryna look like a racist to people who have NEVER SEEN MY FACE

Its cool though…

The words wont kill Ü…