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Month: February, 2013


I know a LOT of people!

I have about 15 different area codes worth of people I have personally met in my phone. I myself have 2 different area codes. But nothing compares to my actual social circle. And  Im not talking about this internet connection we have acquired as of late either….

Yesterday I held a conversation with this cat from Kenya. My dude is a refugee!!! He told me about how Kenyans don’t like Americans & the murder rate is SERIOUS! He said that If I were to go there (which seemed like a challenge!) I would have to stay in a compound for a while to get adjusted to my surroundings. He intends on going back in a few years & hiring bodyguards for personal protection.

I then spoke to man from Sudan……then he laughed and said, “Well, its South Sudan now! But is where I am from”! So I inquire about the separation of Sudan. He told me it was over religious beliefs and people were killing each other over such things. North Sudan is  now of Muslim belief & South Sudan is Christian. He left because he did not want to deal with the war. But after being here 9 years, he intends on returning….


So, back here in a America, why do I have a problem with a person who KNOWS what to address me as, yet, refuses to do so in favor of something else of his choosing???

Its cool…
               …I guess….


From the outside looking in….

But once a person steps foot inside the house and becomes AWARE of the situation??? Going back home in a time of war isn’t a big deal to some people…. 



Make It Happen #Lyrics


You might recognize my face when I walk these streets, Im a local celebrity
I know so many people when I go any place, my reality’s like TV
So fresh so clean, when I step on the scene my reflections tryna get like me
Bet you I make money, a couple moves, I aint trappin’, I make it happen


The Young Man might put you on stand by –
Cause every move that I make in this game’s like chess
You might as well say good bye to the bad guy
And if he think he Superman Ima take that S from his chest
Independent but liven’ the life major
My word good, the lyrics keeping me paid
Since I dropped a mixtape, called it Interstate
Its heavy on the concept, but what Im tryna say
I push rhymes like weight ( like weight?) across the country
Check the pay Pal to see if ya sent the money
Then Im on my way ( on my way! ) I don’t think you understand it
The crew ain’t starved, my fam famished
A good investment gives you more than what you paid for
I grip the mic and then I show you what its made for
Bought some acres, definition of a landlord
Shaking hands when I put stamps on the passport


Bet there’ll never ever be another like me, thats why you like me
I go hyphy ( Yup!) in a white T
A cyborg in the mind I don’t sleep
In the same Girbauds I had on for bout a week
Hustle and flipping’ been given em what they want
Put D Frank down in Atlanta he got crunk
The West Coast want that dope from my throat
And the Midwest bang that funk from they trunk
Finna take it worldwide, I don’t think you over-stand it
Put it on the internet and took it across the planet
I make money and moves, thats hereditary
The hustle different cause the skill set legendary
My arts deep, Im spittn unwritten gospel
Paitin’ vivid pictures lyrical Pablo Picasso
I wrote the code of DiVinci not Leonardo
Shocked the world tryna blow up like the Apollo



War With Words

There are MANY people who are reading my words and have no iCLUE who I am or even how to say my name correctly. I have taken in account majority of those people when I write down the thoughts from my head to your eyes. I try to make the complexities that I come across simple…or at least seem that way.

I have to admit, there are times that I do not share some of my “Daily War Stories” out of a slight fear of defending my viewpoint. If I said that Obama is NOT the 1st black president, people would literally become ready to spar with me in Mortal Kombat. That question is EASILY defended…but if I stated that a female cannot be a lesbian if she already has a child…SOMEONE would take a stance somewhere in the afterlife & defend it like Goku!

Am I wrong for not sharing these thoughts that I have???

Should I sensor myself for those who will NEVER understand???


I honestly don’t know!!!

I would say that I will “test the waters” but I feel I have already been doing that.One of the only things I could actually start speaking on that are MY OWN thoughts would be “Race Relations”…but Im not tryna look like a racist to people who have NEVER SEEN MY FACE

Its cool though…

The words wont kill Ü…



As The World Sleeps

This whole “LAPD Cop Killer” situation is INTENSE!!! I was just informed that they have ID’d his body in the burned down cabin. There is a video running around Youtube that states a claim that the LAPD burned down the cabin with gas. Also, there are TWO (2) Manifestos making rounds on the internet. One which is an original, the other is being called “The governments attempt at flipping this into gun control”. Im not to sure how I feel about all that…

In the wake of this ENTIRE affair I can honestly say that I am in the process off manufacturing fucks to give. Too many issues have been brought to light in this shadowy world that we live in. Being the type of individual that I am, I can only deal with so much before I either explode or implode. Either one does not have the affect I would desire. This will be an attempt at bringing a balance to my rather unbalanced life. The effects on those around me has yet to be seen…

I might not even see the effects…much like Christopher Dorner will never see his…



The Best Best Part Of Waking Up #Morning

Is not Folgers…I don’t like that shyt…Coffee…

I spoke on the phone with a friend I have not heard from in over a decade! One of the jewels from our conversation was getting thoughts off the mind 1st thing in the AM. My attempt at doing so will be a grand one! 

I have been up since 6am due to passing out early after the Rock Awards in Pittsburgh. The 1st thing I did after pissing was read a blog post about a retired Naval/LAPD officer who is apparently pissed off & is becoming best friends with death. I don’t know how much more of this “Manifesto” is left…

With that being said…

*continues to read the blog*



Broken Bridges

I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA.
This city has about 450 bridges!

I have been living here for over 5 years & have met SOOOO many different people that it has been hard to keep up with my social network in the city. I personally know people who are more than an hour away. Its not like I like making phone calls….

They don’t have a Facebook account or don’t use it. 
They “don’t understand Twitter” so they won’t use it.
I know a lot of people who don’t even have the internet! 

Finding a way to get the message out the everybody at the same time has been a challenge. I have numbers in my phone that I do not use…for many reasons…but when I do call a person it is well received or the number no longer exists. Texting is not really my thing either…I like using my hands for other things than typing conversations through text. 

I’m just sayin…

I have constructed a LOT of bridges in my lifetime…I will be building more! And the ones I have neglected? I am not afraid to walk across again…

…once I fix em…



Are Ü Ready For Redundancy???

I spend a grand deal of my time doing things that I feel will “Take me to the next level”. In all honesty, I don’t like doing most of those things. To keep it 1000 with Ü, I despise doing some of those things. I have been slowly trying to figure out what I need to get rid of in my life to make my load lighter during this journey. The hard part comes when certain people must be released into a life they feel they are ready for…

There is NOTHING like waking up at 5am only to wait to do something for someone else. That redundancy is truly working my nerves currently. I have been working on getting rid of that as well. Change will come…I can’t force it…I can only be aware of that fact & prepare accordingly. 

One day at a time…



When The Music Stops


As I write this song without using any paper, the only thing that keeps the concept & topic on point is the fact that the music NEVER stops! I can listen to the same instrumental over 500 times before I feel I have what I feel is what I want to deliver to Ü. Even between me listening to that ONE instrumental, I write multiple songs at the same time. 

When the music stops…I get bored easily…