The Power of Prayer

by NÜK

WE are all on this planet flying through endlessness!!!

There is SO much chaos going around us at all times! We NEED a focal point to aim towards. I feel that the ONE thing ALL people on Earth have in common is Spirituality. Even Atheist have a COMMON belief that another COMMON belief is inaccurate or false. The fact that people BELIEVE something is what gives it life!

Humans have the power to create or destroy. But most do not flex the portion of creation….well…a LOT. If more people were to give off an aura of creation, the things that could be accomplished are unlimited.

Prayer is a COMMON connection (in my opinion) that we all have with one another. When a person dies, someone will “Pray for you”. People pray over their food as blessings. People even pray for the Pittsburgh Steelers to win 7th ring next year.

My point?

Prayers are people collectively asking for the same thing. Sometimes they get what they ask for…other times not. But I TRULY feel that if we ALL wanted the SAME THING we would get it. I also feel that people who expect prayers to be answered with no work behind them are idiots. Thats like thinking about making a sandwich and staving to death from the thought.

In conclusion, praying is more than a link to The Universe. It is also a link to each other. The more we act out our positive thoughts towards others, the more open we will be to receiving acts of positive thought from others. Call it Blessings or Karma…either way it started with a thought of Love.