“Form Follows Function” – @LupeFiasco

by NÜK

I will keep this short but deep.

What is the 1st thing that you do in the AM after waking up?
Other than using the bathroom, the 1st thing we do sets off the rest of the day.
If Ü wake & eat breakfast, more than likely you will have energy!
If Ü wake, piss & go lay back down, your day will seem to drag or be sluggish.

Why do most people not like getting out of bed to go do something?
Because usually the night before, they were DOING something for too long in an attempt to avoid tomorrow.

When was the last time Ü were doing something Ü enjoyed & willing stopped?
The answer to that question might surprise Ü!

I believe that we are able to function at out highest levels of being if we train our lowest or weakest attributes.

The crazy part? A lot have no ideal of what type of training is needed.
Even crazier? Who has time for all THAT shyt! Real Housewives of Somebody Else is coming on TV…