Day 7: The End? #FacebookChallenge

by NÜK

Due to freak snow storms in Pittsburgh, PA I have been lightweight sick. Day 5 & 6 I found myself removing snow from my property. I even had a brief & dayum near pointless studio session. Currently I have some type of bio virus…

Even though I posted on Facebook this AM and technically my challenge is over, I still kinda don’t want to be on the social networking site. I told my mother about this endevor & she said she was proud of me. I told her she should get a Facebook & she laughed at me…

Moving forward with Life in general, my challenge has also lead me to the awareness that I spend entirely too much time on Facebook. I have gotten a LOT of needed reading & paper work done over the past week due to me not noticing (or even carring about) notification. I would actually like to continue being absent from Facebook….but I won’t…..

I WILL be writing more in this blog though!

I have a lot of information I won’t to cover over the next 6 months….

It is also my brothers born date! He turns 20…shame I can’t do what I wanted for him…such is life right?