Rise of the Machines; Death of the Slaves

by NÜK

I picked up a copy of Businessweek this AM & got to about the 7th page where I started an articles about robots. Interestingly enough…they are here!!! Furthermore, more than jobs are at stake….

I have been having talks with myself & others about what the future holds for us all. One thing that I keep stressing is getting off the grid. I have been hearing about how within the next 6 years, computers will be able to communicate with us based on our 5 senses.

With people currently so attached to their cellular devices they cannot even say hello it kinda makes me wonder how these robots are gonna take over!

Call T Mobile and try to talk to a human…

Machines make Starbucks…humans just push the button…

In a major way, slave labor is dying.
The slaves are being replaced!
And who knows what happens to useless slaves?