by NÜK

I have almost mastered the art of living forever! Ü might say that to be strange but it is entirely true! As long as I continue to write things of this nature there will be SOMEONE who reads it. If it truly hits home, that person will tell someone else. Pretty soon a LOT more than one person would have shared in the information that I provided. Such is the life of a writer…

What makes me immortal?

Due to certain technologies I am actually able to record & capture a moment in time & save the lessons being told within it. I have been doing this for 10 years now. I am able to now go into the past & learn from it. Each time I write something down it is not for me (per se’) but more so for Ü. How well Ü receive & act on the message affects the potency of each thought.

In basic terms…

My music is timeless which makes me ageless. As long as SOMEBODY listens, I will forever be remembered & never leave from this place.