Keep The Party Goin!

by NÜK







So yeah….

If Ü didn’t know…I’m a performing recording artist & entertainer. 
Being labeled a “rapper” has tarnished my image in multiple ways.

I dont “RAP”! I can…but that’s not what I do…

So I kinda quit talking about it…online at least…

But I been doing this shyt mayne!!! its my Facebook name ( Ben Duin Dis ) for a reason. I just don’t speak on it often. I kinda let my music do for me what I could not do for myself. But then I got lazy! And it has kinda gotten to the point of NOBODY really knowing what it is that I do…besides talk shyt…

 With those words all being written, I do believe that I should do something differently from this point forward. I don’t spam my music & nor will I turn my blog into an onslaught of shameless plugs for my music. That is not what I what to do with this medium…but Ü will start to be more “in the know’ on what it is that I know…

Party in Pittsburgh, PA tonight!!! 
Wear something green!!!
Smoke some broccoli & pay $5 to get in!!!
I will be performing songs from my mixtape as well as unreleased song….

I will also be spiking the Punch around 10:45 as well…