by NÜK

To get to where I want to be I have done a LOT of things! I was going to list them…but I said naw…they don’t need to know all that! But I will tell Ü that going to LA only sounds nice when I only speak about the good things ( even the bad things were not bad to me ).

I had a friend who said he went to Cali on a 3 days train trip Ate all his food & spent all his money on the 1st day. He told me about how the HOMELESS people with NO MONEY gave HIM something to eat in Chicago. He lived to tell the story to me…its truly interesting…

I have been in Pittsburgh for a little over 5 years.
I NEVER wanted to come here…

Life changing things cause for life changing experiences. I had to adapt to an unfamiliar EVERYTHING. I came here with 2 garbage bags & an Army duffel. I started from -0 & had to come to this point currently. Even as i type these words I am still surviving on a DAILY basis.

I have been forced to either learn something new everyday or…perish in the slow death of ignorance…

*tightens my Timberlands*