Real Time Relations

by NÜK

I just finished a conversation with this cat who basically told me that dark skinned people in America are the most hated on that planet. I have an easy time seeing why he said that…I have a harder time believing that THAT won’t change.

I tend to keep a positive state of mind, even in times where hopelessness seems to be a quick escape from reality. I tried to get him to comment on my train of thought & he couldn’t see it. He kept telling me about how blacks keep killing each other & ending up in jail for basic shyt. For the record, he is 52 years old…

We ended our exchange with the understand of the type of place we are in. But the difference is that he is content living a mondane, straight forward life. I can see where he is coming from based on his path, but is giving up the true answer???

With my current attitude I shall be searching to find out how opposite our lines of thinking truly are….

…maybe ill be able to write about it one day…