Illusive Allure

by NÜK

I just received a phone call that told me goodbye when I answered hello.

That’s not some type of metaphor, that actually happened…it happens a lot actually. I usually don’t know the number that pops up either. One of the many reasons I want to change my phone number…or get rid of it altogether!

I received a text from a friend the other night that said “I miss you so much”.

She actually told me that I’m one of the hardest people to hang out with. I’m either always doing something or something is always coming up. I mean…my car DID blow up on my way to grab a passport for my trip to Toronto. And when I was crossing the border of the country I got detained for about 30 minutes.

My momma called me from another phone other than the one I’m paying for & told me I should call her more.

And this is true! I need to call my mother more than I do. I don’t call (or text) a LOT of people on a regular. It’s not cause I don’t love them but more along the lines of nothing to say to them. One day I might understand the simple pleasure of a phone call, text or wall post.

Until that day comes…

…it’s a small world…maybe I’ll see Ü in it!