Living Life & Loving It

Month: December, 2012

Same Years Eve

As I send someone to the store to gather some liquor for the evening I can’t help but feel as though I’ve done this before. Way deeper than Deja’vu, I feel that I have been doing this same thing for the past decade or so.

“New Years” is always the same.
I am beginning to not even see a point in doing this anymore. 
Especially seeing as though I don’t even like drinking…


In order to start the “New Year” off to a grand jump I would need to do something that I have never done before. The only problem I have with that is the amount of emotional involvement I have to drain into what is next to come. But such is the price for success…right? 

I could be wrong….



Day 7: The End? #FacebookChallenge

Due to freak snow storms in Pittsburgh, PA I have been lightweight sick. Day 5 & 6 I found myself removing snow from my property. I even had a brief & dayum near pointless studio session. Currently I have some type of bio virus…

Even though I posted on Facebook this AM and technically my challenge is over, I still kinda don’t want to be on the social networking site. I told my mother about this endevor & she said she was proud of me. I told her she should get a Facebook & she laughed at me…

Moving forward with Life in general, my challenge has also lead me to the awareness that I spend entirely too much time on Facebook. I have gotten a LOT of needed reading & paper work done over the past week due to me not noticing (or even carring about) notification. I would actually like to continue being absent from Facebook….but I won’t…..

I WILL be writing more in this blog though!

I have a lot of information I won’t to cover over the next 6 months….

It is also my brothers born date! He turns 20…shame I can’t do what I wanted for him…such is life right?



Day 5: The Real World #FacebookChallenge

I see it like these:

Facebook is some type of link to the actual world we inhabit.
A person can be whoever they see fit to be online.
Facebook allows a person to put a face to someone that might not be seen anywhere else!

By doing what I attempted to do today, I locked in stone that some people have no ideal how to maintain balance.
Somethings are NOT for everybody!  But when people rely on ONE avenue or outlet for expression…

You get Facebook!
A place where reality & fantasy mesh…

*shrugs & turns on the 360*



Day 4: Square One? #FacebookChallenge

Because of this freak snowstorm, I have been inside of my house for the past 24 hours trying to figure out the best way to use my time. By me not being on Facebook at all I eventually watched a movie…something I normally do not do…

I will not say what movie I watched, but by the end of it I wanted to go on an adventure! Something different from the ordinary life that I lead. I want to get up with a major adventure on deck EVERYDAY! 

So now I am planning an adventure…



Day 3: Withdrawal #FacebookChallenge

In all honesty I miss interacting with people on Facebook…

I miss the random picture that the females posted of themselves.
I miss the grand discussions about trivial topics.
I miss the notifications from games I will NOT play.
I miss the post from people I don’t even know on my wall.
I miss all of the messages from the abyss of Facebook in my box.
I miss all the misspellings of wordz lyk diz…
Eye Ben Duin Dis tho…there a difference!

I do miss the support from those who give it…

I miss the posts from Family…


Its All Love!

But I am enjoying this break far more than could be imagined!



Day 2: Christmas #FacebookChallenge


Its not hard to NOT want to be on Facebook currently. Especially knowing people are posting pictures of pictures that they are not even in. I am also not the biggest fan of this Holiday for MANY reasons. So seeing as how that is the case…

Today shall be just as blessed as the rest! 
Maybe even more so…



Day 1: Cold Turkey #FacebookChallenge

I honestly did check Facebook when I woke up this AM.
It was out of habit…it wont happen again…
I removed the app from my phone.

Without Facebook as a constant cloud over my mental, I am forced to partake into other things. The sad part of that is, I have no iClue what those things are!

Maybe I will clean up & read? 

There will be a LOT of writing happening in the next 7 days…



The Facebook Challenge

So as I sit here online kicking it with a friend I havent seen or heard from in over 10 years, I am actually debating my use of Facebook. I have always debated the use of that thing. I only got it so an ex-girlfriend could spy on my ass…

Even if I never signed on to the site again, my blogs & various other of my posting would find a way there. I would never truly leave the site. This social thing is becoming too much of a hassle to maintain with people who don’t even know my name. 

Some people mistake my personality as an act or persona that I created…


I want to give myself one week away from that thing….
A solid seven days.
I don’t want to even post in the group that I created!

Call it “regrouping” or something ill to that effect! 




New Music!!!

I wake this AM to a dropbox FILLED with production from That Kid Beezy!!!! I have been listening to them since I woke up….I just really stopped listening to write this blog informing Ü of that.

And if Ü do NOT have a Dropbox account, I urge Ü to get one!!!
Stay Blessed,


Armageddon’s Alarm Clock

Its crazy how people are!
But then again…its all I have ever really known…

Guns are being bought at am alarming rate.
Wars are breaking out like the plague. 
People are dying of starvation…and Ü dont eat the ass ends of the bread…


I am aware of a LOT of things! One thing that I am aware of that most people seem to have forgotten? We were born into a state of mass confusion & illusion. Almost like a dream this life at times seems…

…when are Ü gonna wake the fuck up???