Believe It Or Not

by NÜK

I have recently been hearing about things that FEEL authentic but are unfamiliar in my known reality.
The difference between a non believer & a believer is the actions that are taken.
I have taken quite a few actions based upon the information that has been given to me.
My current action is to give the information that I have obtained to those closets around me…

In an effort to gather people around me on the same page, I must actually write the words on the page.
Wordpress will become a tool for me to use for that purpose over the next few months.
I have a plan…and believe it or not….that is where the biggest change in my attraction will come from!

My biggest hinderance would be my unwillingness to continuously feed those who hunger for what I know.
Even if I know nothing different from Ü, my failure to share my nothings leaves me with nothing…

Believe it or not…doing nothing yields nothing.