Living Life & Loving It

Month: November, 2012

That’s Life Right?

Today is my cousins wake…I will not be there for MANY reasons. It’s sad for a few reasons as well. In my mind I have justified a decision I made based on factors that were out of my control. I regret not ONE second of  this choice…

The service is in Ann Arbor, Michigan & I am currently in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Bills are due & pay day is in like 2 weeks…


I sit and write this blog with a clean pair of Hanes draws on my head. While wearing nothing but a pair of dirty draws, this moment is more comfortable than what I would have been sitting through in this very same moment…but in a different place. I can sense the emotions from where I sit.

But Im not there to go through them with the others….

I gotta make this money!!!

And it pisses me off that I am still a captive slave…

I get laughed at when I say Im jumping off the grid.
I have heard it to be impossible!
I should change that to my name…


Until I break free from chains I’ll be making a living for someone else…
But its sad I choose doing that over crying in a room of family & a loved ones cold body…

or is it?

*shrugs & takes the draws off*

I must be off to prepare for “Life” now…


Devin 2

Believe It Or Not

I have recently been hearing about things that FEEL authentic but are unfamiliar in my known reality.
The difference between a non believer & a believer is the actions that are taken.
I have taken quite a few actions based upon the information that has been given to me.
My current action is to give the information that I have obtained to those closets around me…

In an effort to gather people around me on the same page, I must actually write the words on the page.
Wordpress will become a tool for me to use for that purpose over the next few months.
I have a plan…and believe it or not….that is where the biggest change in my attraction will come from!

My biggest hinderance would be my unwillingness to continuously feed those who hunger for what I know.
Even if I know nothing different from Ü, my failure to share my nothings leaves me with nothing…

Believe it or not…doing nothing yields nothing.


Touched (Unspoken Feelings)

I’ve had to deal with a LOT of different types of emotions these last several weeks.
Some I have known nothing about first hand.
Others were extremely familiar…

For some reason I never really liked people coming close to me…all touchy feel-ly n shyt!

Don’t Touch Me!
Quit Touching Me!
Why Ü Touching Me For???

As of recently…I have been getting touched by people I dont even know…never even met in my life…

…there are people on the other side of the country moving me as we speak…

My words couldn’t even fathom the appreciation…



Limited Thoughts

I live in a world full of closet racists…

I might be one of those things too…but if I do not like Ü…Ü would be the 1st person I told before anybody knew.
A thought came to my mind that made sense during an interrogation into “The Races” the other day.

Are “The Races” psychologically programmed into the way they are?

Stereo types aside, I would like to Pioneer a different path into the Lifestyles of “The Races”.
Call it…satirical racism…

Might be interesting!


Moving Forward

The strange thing about this life that we lead is that it is never ending!
Constantly moving forward on a spiral into the infinite existence.
The hardest part about knowing & excepting that thought is holding on to the place & position that once was.

The past can be a reminder that will either hinder us or propel us…

I would like to think that I am gassed up currently!


“The Reason That I Write From Sun Up Til It Sets In The Night…”

A doctor gave my cousin 3 days to live in October…
I saw her shortly after that…

I havent saw her in about 7 or 8 years!

Still kinda speechless about it…

The doctors 3 days lasted until about 3 days ago on Thanksgiving…
I can say that I am truly affected by my cousins passing…in many more ways than 1. 
I would like to reach out to all of my family & give them a hug at once!
But we live in different parts of the country…

For those that do some how read this…
No matter how well we know each other… 
I love y’all

Forever in memory & never forgotten
Resting in peace wont be easy as long as I stay screaming ya name cuzzo!!!




The universal Challenge

So just moments before I sat down an wrote this…I was challenged. The interesting thing about the transaction was that I took control of the situation & stood my ground. The outcome was quite comical!

I am not normally one to be firm AND keep my cool…
Ill usually state my point/case & if Ü cant understand that?
Ü become a slew of vocabulary that differently describes the same thing.
A rambling that might make one angry…on purpose!

Ive been working on that….


Show & Prove

There has come a moment in this life where things become clear.

I feel, maybe, because some choose to think a certain way…an adverse reaction happened. 
A shift in perspective can happen within an instant!
But in retrospect one can see what it takes to “give the people what they want”.

Its all a bit interesting to me…

In an effort to “ride the wave” of the energy around me things that I have become accustom to will have to change. And truly, I am all for it! My only objection is time…something that I recently lost to an extent. 

And even with those limitations…

Watchhow I “Make It Happen”!!!