by NÜK

Over the last 7 or 8 weeks I have become more….


…distance with myself. I have a slight ideal of what has gotten me into this current funk, but even with knowing that, I still find myself lost in a limbo of such things. My mental state has shifted….

I  can feel that something is going on around me. And not only that, I have a slight feeling that there are those around me that can feel it as well. People are changing their ways of thinking at a rapid pace…

Yesterday might as well be a year ago to some people!
Its all about “The NOW”! 

But with so many things clouding the focus of that which I would deem my sanity…

…my reality…

I seem to be lost in the next moment…unplugged until I am allowed to be shown a new way of doing something that has already been done before me….

Waiting has never been a strong point of mine…