by NÜK

A long time ago I said I wanted to be a Ghostbuster. I thought that would have been the COOLEST thing in the world! Slide down that pole & kick door downs, wear a proton pack & blow up a marshmallow monster & eat it!!!

And then I grew up…

I never once thought I would be to the point I am in the entertainment industry. It started out like: Who do I want to sign to? Def Jam or Bad Boy??? Now Im deciding who EYE want to sign…who do I want to be a part of the business that I have created for myself & the people around me. Who do I feel can help spark this movement???

I used to think that was the apex…until: 

I started compiling a book of my writings.
I began promoting & booking local events.
I found myself studying Marketing on a mass level.
I slowly began improving my quality of life.

Then after a time I realized there is no apex. The top is ALWAYS out of reach! Like a tree reaching for the sun!!!

Unlike the tree I can reflect!!! 

I have came a long way from being a seed…