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Month: October, 2012

Eye of The Storm

Last week was my birthdate! I usually do not celebrate it or even announce it, due to the internet that has become impossible…almost.

As I reflect back on the last 365 of these rotations I can see where I have went wrong with some choices I made. I can also see the brilliance in the decisions I choose as well! I learn from that which I fell has done me wrong & move in a more positive & well informed direction. 

Even within the last few days I have felt a difference…

There is a calm before the storm…and during the calm…everything seems like it will be ohkay!!!
But most people are not even aware of the eye of the storm!
Even fewer will see what that eye is capable of…
…less than a handful will ever become that powerful…

…only one can be the storm…



Over the last 7 or 8 weeks I have become more….


…distance with myself. I have a slight ideal of what has gotten me into this current funk, but even with knowing that, I still find myself lost in a limbo of such things. My mental state has shifted….

I  can feel that something is going on around me. And not only that, I have a slight feeling that there are those around me that can feel it as well. People are changing their ways of thinking at a rapid pace…

Yesterday might as well be a year ago to some people!
Its all about “The NOW”! 

But with so many things clouding the focus of that which I would deem my sanity…

…my reality…

I seem to be lost in the next moment…unplugged until I am allowed to be shown a new way of doing something that has already been done before me….

Waiting has never been a strong point of mine…


The Falling Light

While driving to see a dying family member I saw a “Shooting Star”…it was the 1st one I have ever seen in my life. Even while I was driving I could see it as if it was ment for me to see it….

…and it stayed on my mind until I went to sleep.

I saw my family, some of whom I have not seen in 5 years to a decade. We exchanged…whatever it was & parted ways. Then me & my siblings hit the road again…

…leaving was hard for me.

I have this memory of a light falling from the sky. 
So in my grandest & wildest of thoughts…I would light to think that light is resting with & over my family.
That is what I will take as comfort with me.



Cold Hearted

This video couldn’t have been more on time.

To be brief, I have never experienced what I am currently. This is leading me with a few major choices to make. The words in the song hold a deeper meaning now than when I 1st penned them…

“I think my heart is cold from all the ice that it pumps, so when I speaking from the heart, I might give Ü some goosebumps.”



A long time ago I said I wanted to be a Ghostbuster. I thought that would have been the COOLEST thing in the world! Slide down that pole & kick door downs, wear a proton pack & blow up a marshmallow monster & eat it!!!

And then I grew up…

I never once thought I would be to the point I am in the entertainment industry. It started out like: Who do I want to sign to? Def Jam or Bad Boy??? Now Im deciding who EYE want to sign…who do I want to be a part of the business that I have created for myself & the people around me. Who do I feel can help spark this movement???

I used to think that was the apex…until: 

I started compiling a book of my writings.
I began promoting & booking local events.
I found myself studying Marketing on a mass level.
I slowly began improving my quality of life.

Then after a time I realized there is no apex. The top is ALWAYS out of reach! Like a tree reaching for the sun!!!

Unlike the tree I can reflect!!! 

I have came a long way from being a seed…


The Family Bushes

See….I do not know the extent of my personal bloodline, so talking about my family tree is not really important. But I can talk about my bushes and weeds!!! Majority of them!!! Those I have been knowing since  I was born & those who aint never met me but I know they my peoples…

…its like that…

How we maintain our relationships across the the land is….interesting…but we manage that…but WORK needs to put in to get us to a functioning unit. I can understand how a person can get caught up doing whatever it they do, becoming unaware of the others around them & in their life…

I can’t call it….


But I do know: 

In order to maintain a healthy tree, it must be pruned, watered, dropkicked & de-weeded. Im sure the same can be said for these bushes. Now, if Ü would excuse me…

*grabs the phone*