The Daily Days of Tomorrow

by NÜK

I don’t complain about not having enough hours in a day, I feel that to be pointless. What I DO complain about is the “little” things that come up from what seems to be nowhere! I promise that is what throws me off from my daily. All I wanted to do yesterday was have a meeting & wash my dirty clothes…


My sister told me something recently that she has been doing: Making Lists! 

Im not to big on doing that…no matter how much I speak about the need for me to be doing so. But I do need to start doing so asapolis! It will be one of the next bigger steps into taking me where I would like to see myself. 

Like most people, I want to fall into a routine of habits that are aimed at keeping my on tops of my daily activities. The only issue with that? Good habits are SO hard to start & maintain. But I MUST start something positive grow NOW…

Or put it off until 2marrow…