Quality of a Queen

by NÜK

I kinda have been getting this feeling that I should start trying to pair up with someone…

…this is NOT a recent thought!!!

I have contemplated this for a bout 8 or 9 months.

I am not much of the Romantic type…Im not Roman…


But I read a book about being a Gentleman and how one should act in the presence of royalty…that gives me an edge!!! 

Im not the most………….con-vent-shun-al…..

But I do know how to get my point across the street to get an answer!!!

Which brings me to this thing they call dating??? I have no ideal how to comprehend whats really going on these days…nor do I even try to make any sense of it. 

I do know that when THAT female comes a long & decides to make her next move a power move…only grand things can come from that!!! 

Until then…I gotta define the qualities that I would like to see in MY Queen. That is my personal challenge…

Could be worse…

I can remain single & deal with the bullshyt!!!!