by NÜK

Slowly, I have been wrapping my head around the roles that Males & Females should play and ARE playing in relationships. It’s quite a confusing & soulless world that we live within…

I recently stayed with my cousin, his fiance and their 2 year old…THAT was some crazy shyt! Especially considering the events & circumstances that occurred while I was there! I noticed how they interacted with each other, their seed, their families & their friends. It was interesting fareal!!! 

Truthfully, once my lil cousin came in the house I ignored they ass until he ignored me!!!

Watching them interact with their surrounding allowed me to see a dynamic of relationships that I wont get to see very often. People like to speak about the “roles of gender” in relationships. The thing about that is, a relationship consists of BOTH sexes. If one person is lacking in ONE area, the other person picks up the slack for their partner. 

More of a Partnership than Relationship. 

The difference between men & woman is how they attack certain situations. A man might hire a maid sooner than clean up. A woman might hire a mechanic before she changes her own oil on her car. Just examples…

I actually saw that dynamic in action! I even saw how it effect both parties involved. The things that BOTH partners go thru in order to sacrifice for each other & their seed. It was a beautiful thing!!! Funny at times too…

Almost like Chess is played are how their moves were made.