Attacks on the Kingdom

by NÜK

Becoming more aware of what has been surrounding me has become the biggest responsibility I believe I have ever witnessed. I do not like to speak or even THINK certain things into exsistance, I feel I have that much power THAT much power…

Maybe more!

I am literally watching reality fold over on itself. The thoughts of those around me as helping that reality become more true. I am being suffocated…slowly…

The summer is actually beginning to take a toll on my impatient mind. The days are blending together in a cycle that is bigger than I have thought, but not one that I can not comprehend. 

I need a release…a few of them!!! Sex is a trap that just might get me emotionally caught up with someone I have no favor in.  But even so, what a beautiful release it could be!

My mind has wandered into places that I  had slight interest in a few years ago. I have begun to understand MY personal place in this cycle that we reside in called LIFE. Even as I type these word, I feel that the impact will not be felt. 

As the encroaching war looms over the horizon.
I understand that there will be casualties
Some I will never be able to prepare myself for….
Others will serve to remind me of what EYE fight for & believe

Nothing will be in vain.