The Michael Jackson of Hip Hop

by NÜK

Three years ago on this date the planet lost more than a musician, it lost an example of passion & love. 

I remember where I was when I first go the news…I think I had just gotten Twitter, but I was coming back from West Virginia with a dead phone when the news struck the masses. When I charged my phone up & it turned on, the first message was a text that read:

“It’s crazy that Michael Jackson is dead isnt it?” 

It took like 2 weeks for it to set in…I do believe I was listening to “You Are Not Alone” when I almost shed a tear for the world. It is still a sad moment in the music industry…

I remember when I was young tryna dance like Mike…I even used to try an sing like him. When I grew up & actually started listening to the music he was making, I understood the power of what music truly is. I’d say that was around 10 or so years ago. I began to write my songs with purpose & meaning. Hopefully telling stories that would move somebody into ACTION. I just wasnt specific into what action I wanted to move people….

…I am now (for the most part)….

Once I hit the stage for the first time…it became quite obvious that I was nowhere CLOSE to a Mike Jackson performance!!! It honestly broke my heart knowing I wasnt “living up to par” in this mans musical shadow. So I practiced…

Even till this day, practicing is a solid 3 hours every other day. If I have a show coming up I will practice everyday for about 2-3 hours minimum. I don’t dance around the stage…but I do grab my nuts often!!!

What Im basically getting at through this blog:

I miss Mike…I truly do…. 
But through ME he will live on…but only in a different genre.

Long Live The King!