The Reign of King James

by NÜK

I don’t really politic with sports like most people on this country, but I do pay attention to what I feel is important. When LeBron James FIRST came into the NBA and was called “The New Michael Jordan” I thought it was funny as fuck! Me & LeBron are no more than a year apart in age, but I doubted that claim of him being anything like “His Royal Air-ness”.

Fast Forward:

Bron has the entire industry of Cleveland under his wing & behind his EVERY choice he makes. He got buildings, statues & structures built in his name. Some were even built for his personal use. If Ü ask me, dude was unstoppable!!!

Still didnt make me wanna watch him play the game tho….but he had respect from me….

…until he left Cleveland….

I honestly don’t think people comprehend how much respect he lost…as an individual. I mean, sure…he is nice on the court. But leaders are judged by the choices that they make. Not even saying it like I make ALLLL the best decisions that could possibly be made EVER! But I don’t believe that ring is worth what he lost…

Or better yet!! What he GAVE UP…

It must be hard being compared to someone or people who made impacts on the planet…but I guess its even harder knowing one of your teammates is fucking ya moms. Either way…

Congratulations to Lebron. and the rest of the Miami Heat…but Detroit is going all the way next year!!!