Summer of Kings 2012

by NÜK

On the 1st day of Summer in 2009 I claimed it as one for The Kings. This is the 3rd year that I have done this. What started as a way to separate myself from those that claim to be what I Am, turned into the definition of my generations (as of yet reached) pinnacle. 

I have not written a blog during The Summer of Kings ever…so I guess this is grand time for those that are  able to read this as it is delivered!!!!

Reason why?

Ü have a chance to read what I am about & watch it take place without ever having to meet me in person. The actual emotional ride will take place before your eyes as Ü read the words. And my experiences might intermingle with things that even Ü may have experienced in the past. 

Im quite proud of what it has turned out to become as of current!!! The future is untold until I write it down…I would like for Ü to follow me on the #TwitShyt  (@NUKnoE) for the “play by play”, but it’s honestly not even that serious…all I do is talk shyt on that thang….


But alas, I must bid the Royals ado…


NÜK Image