Taking A Break

by NÜK

I find it hard to sit down & do NOTHING.
Its just not me… 

So for the next month or so ( after my performance on the 29th) I will be attempting to “Take A Break”. I don’t want anything to do with anything I have been doing unless it REQUIRES my attention.

I recently had a show in Pittsburgh and then IMMEDIATELY after I got off the stage I drove to Cleveland. Didnt arrive till like 330am. when I woke up (8am) to do yard work in the sun…this white guy comes over and introduces himself to me. We sitting there speaking about the house & the block & then he starts telling me drunk stories about Christmas Trees & Roofing and shyt of that nature. 

Out of NOWHERE dude shows me a picture of Coolio!!! Who he says is still doing shows at festivals and whatnot. Then I had no choice to tell him that I was in the industry. Then the conversation turned “business” as we both gave oral resumes to each other, come to find out…dude throws festivals for the fuck of it & had been doing so for a while. 

There was a point during all of this where he told me that he is taxidermist & he was putting together  a deer in his garage…

When THAT happened, I was trying to break conversation with dude!!!

But he wouldn’t allow it!!! So we continued to speak…in the SUN!!! He then invites me to a bon fire later that night….”Its a text message party that we do about once a month…”


Long story short, I have been working on “have a grand summer” for about a year and a half now, musically speaking. I think its about time that I actually DO IT. I owe it to myself. I have completed an EP, recently dropped a mixtape, I have been writing a few singles for a “Summer Release” and by the end of this month I will have performed 3 shows that were “taxing” time on my life. 

I just want to clear my mind for a short while & see something other than what I have been….do something…different….change a lil bit….