Embracing The Difference of Change

by NÜK

I dont want to to be long winded…but at the same time…I want to to be comprehended…

There are a LOT of people of in the world that WISH for a change.

There are even MORE people who HOPE for a change.

But there are about…13 people that are MAKING a change.

I am not even saying I am one of those 13 people…but I strive for CHANGE!!! And not that Obama type change. I want to grow & move on to the next thing. I do not like or even want to be around stagnated surroundings. 

People do not even realize how complacent they become until it’s just about too late and then they attempt to SPEAK about making a change. Some REFUSE to make a change even if it would be for the better…remember Katrina??? Right…

All Im saying is…

Being different & unique is a beautiful thing…


…just don’t believe that the best thing for Ü is to embrace being “One of a Kind”. Then Ü will be the same as the next “Unique” person….