Love Ü 2 Life!

by NÜK

If Ü have ever lost a loved one….did it EVER cross your mind that MAYBE….it was some fault of your own?
Maybe if Ü could have done everything within your power…


But what if Ü didn’t even know THAT was the type of power that Ü possessed?  

As a writer, I am a firm believer in the power of words. I attempt to be careful with how I use them (even though I purposely SLAUGHTER Anglish) & even phrase them. I know how HEARING something constantly will make a person believe that as a reality. No matter what it is….

Like saying Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive…


My point?

It is NOT possible to love something to death, especially when even after life the sentiments are still the same. 

NÜK Image