The Sight Of Future Things!

by NÜK

It is a new month!
It is also the 1st of the Summer months…but its ESKIMO BALLS COLD out here in Pittsburgh!!!

This does NOT have me worried though. Just being aware that the weather is not the only thing having a change is what can & will separate the weak from the strong.  

I reflect of life as we know it so frequently that I have very rarely spent time planning for the future, or living in the moment. I usually wake up & just GO!!! All gas NO brakes at times. 

I am bring that to a slow coastal stroll this Summer. Even though I intend on setting up shows for every other week, I intend on making the world mold around me. I no longer have the desire to mold into the “comforts” of mainstream thinking.

Look around!!! Work on a Sunday is SAD if truly think about it. That day used to be a day for family & enjoying the moment. THAT moment has long since left the masses & I want NO parts of it. Which is a MAJOR change in itself!!! 

Being that I feel this way….I want the reads of this blog to feel the same as well. I know most that read this will not speak their peace with someone they view as a “Stranger”, so I welcome you to follow me on Twitter or Join the group I have started on Facebook. 

If you need that information from me, just ASK!!!
I got chu!!!